General Questions

Do you offer discounts?

Our pricing structure is extremely competitive. Frontidy already works with very close margins. However, in certain cases, we do offer discounts on bulk orders with lots of pages

Can I pay after the project is finished, or pay just 50% upfront?

Currently, we require full payment upfront or 50% payment upfront in order to start working on your project.

What’s your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time for PSD to HTML5 is 2-3 business days, without the time required for edits and revisions. If you have a larger bulk order of over 5-6 pages, the deadline may be extended; please check with us for further details. If you require a CMS implementation or any extra add-ons like JavaScript, this could also affect the turnaround time.

What file types do you support?

We prefer PSD files, but we also accept any other type of design format; such as PNG and AI. However, keep in mind that for these types of formats, we require you to include the images and font files, and also to specify the resolution of the website we need to convert from PSD to HTML.


Do you support CSS frameworks?

Sure! Upon your request, we can use Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation and Materialize Css.

Do you use tables or DIVs?

We only code in DIVs according to the latest standards of HTML5/CSS3 technology, and tables are used only when absolutely necessary (tabular data).

Do you hand-code?

Yes! We don’t use any form of a generator or “site grinder”. You can be confident that every bit of your code is completely hand-coded by our experienced front-end developers.

What if I want to add extra sub-pages in the future?

If you want to add extra sub-pages in the future, we will charge you our normal sub-page rate. We will never charge you extra, no matter how much time has passed since working on the original project. All you need to do is place a new order, and make reference to the previous project number so we can identify which site the sub-pages are for.

What browsers do you support?

We write code according to W3C standards, and we are proud to write code that is perfectly displayed in all popular browsers on all modern devices. Our HTML coding supports all the latest stable versions of modern browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, Google Chrome.

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